My hands hurt already. Break time! I’ve been playing Diablo 2 since I got home from work. This is actually the farthest I’ve reached in the game. I’m in the third act in the easiest stage. I didn’t develop my character well before so it was a weakling that’s why I never lasted long. Plus, my attention span is also very short. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a PC game. Anyway, I also always choose to be an assassin because the character is a girl. I researched this time and discovered that a Druid would be pretty neat. I made my druid a shape-shifter (werewolf) and named him Jacobloch. But please don’t mistake me for a Twilight fan. :))

Okay, enough about Diablo 2. Break time nga diba. Let’s talk PHISIX!

Honestly, whenever  I think about the index or the Philippine market, I can’t help but feel speechless. I think 40 mins has already passed since I wrote “PHISIX” in the previous paragraph. I’m definitely not bullish about the market. Funny thing is, during trading hours, my officemate was like, “Everybody bearish already? Time for a bounce”. Can the market actually form a double bottom and bounce from here? The market went down so much already with barely a bounce so it’s possible that the bears are growing tired. I’m still staying away from the blues. Today, I had my eyes on AR and BHI. They formed doji stars today but their bullish intraday setups made me decide to bet on it.

Come on, come on…I hope the setup works. Bounce!! Haha! 

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