The Hanged Man

or in the stock market, it is commonly known as BHItag*. I’d like to attach the very exciting intraday chart of BHI but it just keeps on getting better (lower) so I’ll wait another 50 mins until trading ends and the price final. Anyway, BHI disclosed today that they FAILed to close this long term deal with a Korean counterpart. Plus, there will be a 3-month trading suspension because of their FAILure to submit their annual report. This is really bad. Right now, BHI is being sold down! This is probably the third selloff for the day. People are asking where this is headed. Could it be headed for the floor of .155? It’s down 34% as of 12.23pm and doing at .19.

*BHItag – term stolen from Pau Benguero‘s tweet: Madaming na BHItag hehehe RT @tatavinzons: bhi now dn 19.3% @ P0.25 #nodeal with resom

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