Basti’s 1st + Spontaneous Sunday

Last December 2008, I attended Absolute Trader’s Technical Analysis Seminar. Batch 42 and proud! With the stock market still sideways after a long decline, it was no wonder that we were only 6 in the batch: Pau, Jerome, Kat, Kevin, Claire and I. But wait, we had an adopted batchmate, Isaiah. He’s originally part of batch 40 but he wanted to take a refresher so he joined our batch.

Every now and then, we get together and catch up. We’re never complete. Now that I think of it, we always go by four with two always missing the fun. I remember I gathered different groups of friends for laser tag and drinks last year, was it? The attendees: Kevin, Pau, Isaiah and I. Then, we also had dinner in Nihonbashi Tei just last March. The Attendees: Jerome, Claire, Isaiah, and I. In Isaiah’s belated birthday bash last June, only Kevin, Kat and I came. Then, there was also Pau’s wedding last December 2009. The Attendees: Isaiah, Jerome, and I.  This October, we gathered once again for the first birthday of Pau’s son, Basti. It was Jerome, Isaiah and I again.

The kids are back! Check out our funky photo booth pictures.


At 7pm, Jerome wasn’t ready to let the night end just yet. He suggested we watch a movie somewhere. The most convenient schedule for The Change Up was in Eastwood Mall at 8:10pm. We bid our farewell to Pau and headed to Eastwood. When we got there, haha, we mixed up the movie houses. We parked in Eastwood mall, walked to Eastwood Citiwalk 2 only to walk back to Eastwood Mall. Haha! Oops. We got to the movie in time so that’s fine. I don’t frequent Eastwood so getting lost meant my Eastwood adventure was complete! 😀 Anyway, the movie was shallow but amusing. After the movie, I told you right, Jerome wasn’t ready to let the night end yet. We went to Serenitea to try their Chicken Chops. I was already hungry so I was really looking forward to it. When we got there, the cashier regretfully tells us it’s sold out. Boo!! I got a hot cup of Okinawa Milk Tea with 50% sweetness level. Jerome and Isaiah ate some beef wrap in Prince of Persia.

This has got to be a first. I don’t think I’ve ever wandered around far from home on a Sunday night. We concluded the night after our midnight snack. See you guys soon! 🙂

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