There was only ever one time that I was able to ride a ceiling play in my two years and eight months experience trading in the stock market. They say you never forget your first. So, let me tell you right now, I will never forget you, BKD.

Well, this was last August 2011. There was a couple more other stocks that went ceiling during this time but I remember asking, “Is this it??” It felt dull. As I recall from last year’s basura plays, ceiling moves was more euphoric. And that run lacked that extreme emotion. This time around, I do believe this is no longer the case. Hello, AAI, AAA, MHC, FED, ECP, and LSC. I’m sure I missed some more. Seriously, there are too many to mention! It’s like, hit any ultra basura stock and chances are, it will go up. It may not go to ceiling but someone’s bound to follow you.

Speculation is certainly the name of the game.

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