Destruction 101

Conversations with the TsuGuru* never fail to entertain.

TsuGuru: How the hell were you able to sell MAB at .068?! Haha
Me: It’s called GTC.
TsuGuru: Can you teach me that tomorrow?
Me: Hahahaha!! Hard lesson to teach sa mga nagsesell down.
TsuGuru: I’ll teach you tomorrow.
Me: Can’t wait!!
TsuGuru: Teka, let me carify…I’ll teach you with your funds ha.
Me: Let’s call it: Destruction 101!
TsuGuru: Sweet!!!

*TsuGuru – Short for Guru of Tsupita; Abbreviation c/o RR
**Guru of Tsupita  – Coined by the Master Farter for our resident tsupitero
***Master Farter – Term coined by RR  when Master Farter intentionally farted in the middle of the office (near RR) for everyone to hear (or smell).

How disturbing, no? Can you just imagine how gulo we are in the office?

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