I had dinner with a couple of friends in Bagnet 8065. And can I just say, Yummy! My best friends have been telling me about this place for the longest time but it was only last night that I decided to check it out. See, we’re having a despedida of sorts. One of my friends, Leandro, will be leaving Makati and will be transferring to The Fort. As if ang layo no? So, instead of the usual Nihonbashi Tei dinner, I thought we should have a Makati adventure so I suggested this Bagnet 8065 I’ve heard so much about. It’s a good thing me and Anne hitched a ride with Leandro. I actually intended to walk but as it turns out, Estrella St. is very far from where I live. I looked near in the map! Promise.

So at around 7-ish, we arrived at Bagnet 8065. Mike was already inside the restaurant, waiting for us. Bagnet 8065’s specialty is Bagnet Binagoongan, Bagnet in Spicy Gata, and Bagnet Kare-Kare. There are actually some more but I forgot. Those are the ones we ordered that’s why I remember them.


Oh, fun facts. 1) Bagnet 8065 has a quiz night; 2) Bagnet 8065 is owned by the brother of Kitchie Nadal; and 3) Bagnet 8065 has a wall of graffiti. Spot the hidden piggy.


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