Floor! Trading Floor.

I was rather disappointed with our market today. Considering the Dow was up, I was expecting we’d go up as well. But for some reason, we didn’t and we remain within a very narrow range after gaping up four trading days ago.

Anyway, today was something different. Because I was supposed to attend a Derivatives seminar, I requested if I could trade in Makati Floor instead. My request was granted and I traded there today. The thing is, there’s only one computer in our booth. Since I was the more active trader, I asked Ernest if I could borrow his computer for the day. I posted other clients’ order for him as he took down orders over the phone. It was kind of hard to trade because I was without charts. I couldn’t access Citiseconline’s charts because our terminal had no internet access. Hassle if I brought my laptop. It’s a bit heavy and it becomes heavier carrying that over my shoulder with heels on. Lol! Interestingly, it helped me focus on what stocks I wanted. I had a failed day trade but let’s charge that to experience. I’ll definitely do better next time!

Trading in the Makati floor made me realize how easy my life would be if I found work in Makati or if I was stationed in the trading floor instead. I was already asking Anne if I could relocate in the floor but she said we might no longer have a booth in the trading floor. Sadness. I seriously want to work in Makati. Papa Securities is two blocks away from my condo but I’ll be moving out soon. Unicapital will be my neighbor soon. Haha! After trading, I got a Power Breakfast shake from Big Chill plus a Mango+Crabsticks sandwich from Fresh Bar. I was home by 1:30pm and I was even able to take a nap before I went to the derivatives seminar. Oh, this is the life! Sarap. So tempted…. Hmmm.

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