Am I cursed or what?

I encircled the breakout price for LC, intraday. I knew that the game is back on when it did not break below yesterday’s close. But was I able to buy? HELL NO! Ang bilis! Oh my rusty fingers! I used to be faster. So, I posted at 1.87, 1.89 and 1.91. For some reason, hindi ako madone done sa 1.91. There was only 400K ahead nalang then someone bought it up to 1.93. Aba… Di pwede to, I thought. So, i bought 5% at 1.93 then 10% at 1.92. After buying, I had a feeling mabibigyan na dapat ako sa 1.91. But I cancelled it nalang because my posting at 1.91 would complete my maximum exposure per stock which is 25% of my portfolio. Then, binagsakan ung LCB till 1.90 but closed at 1.91. Hahaha! Hindi na nga ako makasakay sa momentum, pag nakapasok pa ako, wala na momentum. Uuuugh. LOL!

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