Just Another Monday

Uh-oh. Sorry for the irregular updates again. I had every intention to write last week but I had limited access to the internet. Anyway, I do recall I mentioned my top picks were AAA, DIZ and HLCM. Booyah! Have you seen DIZ or AAA recently? Teehee. What a lucky break. I was actually very frustrated with AAA last week. I wasn’t able to buy on breakout above 2. Funny thing about trading, the minute you hesitate, the stock goes zoom up! But when you’re not hesitating at all when you buy, the stock either remains still or falls. LOL! Just kidding. Anyway, obviously, I got left behind in AAA so, I let it fly. But I did enter when I saw that support at 2.95 held. I started buying at 3.2. I only bought 10% from my small fund so I made sure it was in my watchlist today. Buuuut, I was so preoccupied with DIZ, NI, and PGOLD today that I wasn’t also able to buy before it started to move again. I still like the daily chart so I still bought more today. C’mon, breakout na bukas!! Please?

Like I said, I was preoccupied with DIZ, NI and PGOLD today. I no longer have my DIZ and NI shares. Actually, I sold all my DIZ last Friday but I had a feeling that was the wrong move when DIZ didn’t really spike up on breakout yet. It made a small bodied candle as opposed to its usual long white candle breakouts. I still sold and told myself I will just buy today if it still looks raring to go. So, at the open today, Trader 1 from the office hijacked DIZ at the open. Trader 2 bought at the open. Trader 3, namely, me, follows and DIZ goes zoom zoom! I was able to day trade DIZ as I sold the shares I bought at 10.24 at 11. Pwede na! My only boo boo was buying it back at 11.08. I sold a few minutes later at 11. Same story on NI actually. The only difference is I held the shares I bought last week at 4.10 to 4.13. I was able to sell at 4.37 to 4.4. Boo was buying it back at those same levels only to cut loss at 4.37. It really looked like a breakout intraday. But when I bought, there was no buying pressure so I had to admit mistake and sell.

PGOLD is…amazing! I just hope they had closed the stock at higher levels. I was thinking int would form a sort of doji at the highs and remain there for the next few days but nooooo, 323, 338, and 209 had other plans. They were the ones who bought PGOLD to as high as 18.90. Pero nakabenta ba ako? Hindi!! If you weren’t posted at those levels, I don’t think you’d be able to sell. Coz after they bought it up, the next bid was at 8.20. Bungi! Let’s see tomorrow. I’m definitely in the mood to sell PGOLD already but please, keep it up there for a while for me to sell. 😀

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