Happy New Year!

It’s the new year and I ought to write more often. But this afternoon trading is taking a lot of time. So, instead of staying in the office after trading hours to write, I go home instead and I have no internet at home. Oh, wait, I have pala. But I’d have to go out to the balcony and freeload on an unsecured network.

Anyway, we started the year with a bang! Nice breakout. But we’ve been going up almost the whole week that it’s not much of a surprise that the index is down 34 points as of this writing (10.39 am). It seems like our breakout was a valid one as the blues led the rally. Actually, gains are seen across the board. The market seems like a buy the dips but will we be able to break our all time high of 4,550? After that, and then what? I feel a little bit skeptical that we’d be able to have momentum and convincingly breakout above our all time high, but it would be nice to be proven wrong by the market. Cheers!

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